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  Shouguang Maolong New Material Technology Development Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, is a subsidiary of Shandong Molong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. It is located 5 kilometers east of Yangkou town, Shouguang city, which is the world's most advanced technology “HIsmelt” for new material development and production company. The company is close to Rongwu expressway, Shouguang port with convenient logistics and transportation.
   The capacity of iron casting in high quality is 100,000mt per year. The capacity of high- purity pig iron for castings and high-quality pig iron is 700,000mt per year. The main products are high-purity pig iron, ultra-purity pig iron, pig iron for ductile iron and foundry pig iron. The high purity pig iron is featured in low Si, low Ti, low Mu, low P, low S and low hazardous?trace?elements, which are used for castings of high-speed train, nuclear power, wind power and different anti-low temperature impact castings as well as nodular iron castings,improving the compression, tensile strength, elongation and low temperature impact resistance of castings greatly. The pig iron used for high-quality ductile iron and foundry pig iron are widely used in automobile, agricultural machinery, mining metallurgy, machine tool and other equipment manufacturing industries. The indicators of pig iron are much better than requirements of national standards with good strengths in high stability, low harmful elements and easy spheroidization etc. The pig iron is uniform with smooth surface free of impurities. The maximum size of the pig iron can be 125*130*75mm.
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